About the Artist

With 44 years in professional theatrical stage production, and 39 of those years also working in motion picture production. My life has been deeply involved in the arts. I have tried to pursue a variety of personal artistic curiosities along the way: sculpting in woods, stone, cameo sea shell, and cast metals. As well, working in scratch board art, airbrush painting, and jewelry making. Very interesting challenges.

I completed grade school and was accepted to study fine art at the Alberta College of Art and Design for the first year the new facility was opened, ahead of a four year enrollment waiting list.

In 1971, he began work as an apprentice in Theatrical Stage Production and in 1974 added motion picture production as a technician, becoming a member of IATSE (Technician’s Union in Calgary and across North America.)

As Key Grip, Camera Dolly Grip, and Rigging grip, working on feature films, TV movies, TV series, and TV commercial productions shooting in Canada, as well as working in theatrical stage on opera, ballet, concerts of all kinds, Broadway productions and cultural events. (Stories to appear eventually in the blog section.)

As a High Rigger, walking along steel beams four inches wide at eighty feet above the stage deck to suspend the rigging of trusses for lighting and columns of speakers. Designing lighting fixture rigging, and motion picture camera mounts onto trains, buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, bobsleds, and stage coaches. Many years of challenge to mind and body. I’ve enjoyed working with many teams of talented & driven people.