The Process

In the past, I was trying to offer custom canes for people. However, that concept didn’t pan out to be very practical. The following was my wish: As I wanted the finished product to be entirely about you, in creating a custom commissioned walking aide to suit your tastes, your personal preferences would prevail as priority. You choose the look and the image. Your favorite animal or bird, a reference to your career, a business or sports logo – it’s your choice. Your presentation to the world is your decision. That was what I intended to pursue. That has changed now.

Even though I’m changing my way of doing things to stop making these as a custom design, some things won’t change: Well beyond one hundred hours are commonly invested into creating each unique work of art. You deserve to experience the comfort and reliability, as well as a lot of head turning attention as you confidently walk around your world. Specific priority is aimed at defining the hand grip of each cane or walking staff to ensure it conforms to suite the structure of a persons hand. This enables a stress free grip for your hand. My aim is to sculpt the hand hold to suit the muscle and bone forms of a hand.


Custom Cane and Walking Staff Options

My goal is quite simple. I want you to walk with comfort and confidence, with a bit of pride, turning heads with your unique artistic walking aide. To provide you with a “very comfortable” cane or walking staff that you could walk proudly, with a pain free hand. Moreover, to create a stylish image expressing a unique character and taste. You deserve this.

If you wanted less than what I offer, there are mass manufactured canes and walking sticks available on the market. I believe they are generally anything but comfortable but they are also considerably less expensive.

I offer exquisite sculpting and finish in Canadian hardwoods such as ancient Yew wood or fruit woods like cherry, apple, pear, among others. Or exotic hardwoods from around the world. Beautiful grain patterns and colors are available.

The options are quite open. To enhance the presentation, eyes are inlaid using exotic materials, words or images could be carved into cameo sea shell and inlaid into your cane or staff. Metal can be cast in gold, bronze, or  chrome to inlay into your walking aide. Few limits exist.